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Carlos Yañez - Selected Publications

A) Books - Otolaryngology:

Temporal Bone Dissection Surgical Atlas , Doyma Editors, Barcelona (ed. and Carlos Yañez, M.D., Jordi Bosch, M.D. 1989
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: A Comprehensive Atlas, Springer-Verlag Editors, Wien-New York. (ed. Carlos Yañez, M.D.), 2003.

B) Book Chapters:

Nasal Endoscopy: In Rhinology Art and Science (ed. Mexican Association for Otolaryngology). Chapter.13, Masson-Salvat Editors, Mexico City ,1996.
A New Use of the Microdebrider in Turbinate Surgery: “intra-turbinate stroma renoval with the hummer”. In ERS & ISIAN Meeting 98, Proceedings. Chapter 1, FESS, p: 9-13, (ed Heinz Stammberger – G.Wolf), Monduzzi Editore, Wien, Austria, 1998
Endoscopic Surgery of The Maxillary Sinus: How I Do It. In ERS & ISIAN Meeting 98, Proceedings. Chapter 1, FESS, p: 179-183, (ed Heinz Stammberger – G.Wolf), Monduzzi Editore, Wien, Austria, 1998
Endonasal Clipping of the Sphenopalatine Artery: Microscopic and Endoscopic Technique. In ERS & ISIAN Meeting 98, Proceedings. Chapter 1, FESS, p: 501-507, (ed Heinz Stammberger – G.Wolf), Monduzzi Editore, Wien, Austria, 1998
Surgical Navigation in Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery: A Personal Experience. In EAES International Meeting 2000, Proceedings. Chapter 3, FESS, p: 541-546, (ed J Mouiel – A.Montori), Monduzzi Editore, Nice, France, 2000.

c) Scientific Papers published in Internacional Scientific Journals:

Yañez C.: New Technique for Turbinate Reduction in Chronic Hypertrophic Rhinitis: Intraturbinate stroma removal. Operative Tech. in Otolaryngol. Head-Neck Surg:9(3):135-137,1998.
Yañez, C., Lopez, A.:The Bluish Sign: IGS Rainbow-View is Helpful in Differentiating Mycotic Sinus Disease in Surgical Cases. The LandmarX Library Journal 2(4):135-137, May 2004.

Yañez, C., Nurko, B.: Difficult Revision Cases Made Easier by Image Guided Techniques. The LandmarX Library Journal 1(1):21-23, January 2002.

Yañez, C., Lopez, A.:Anatomical variations of the anatomy of the Ethmoid, a Clinical and Radiological Study. Ann Med 47(3):137-142, 2002
Yañez, C.: Suture: A New Technique for Medializing the Middle Turbinate in Minimal Invasive Endoscopic Nasal Surgery. An Med 45(3):113-115, 2000
Yañez, C.,et al.: Isolated Fungal Disease of the Sphenoid Sinus: Report of Two Endoscopic Sinus Cases. Ann Med 48(2):162-165, 2003 Yañez, C., et al.:A Short Olfaction Test to be used as a reliable diagnostic tool. Ann.Med. 49(2):82-86, 2004
Yañez, C.,et al.: Image Guided Sinus Surgery. Ann.Med. 49(1):7-11, 2004
Yañez, C.,et al.: Surgery of paranasal sinuses: evaluation and follow-up of 239 patients operated on by microendoscopy. Acta Otorrinolaringol Esp. 1994 Nov-Dec;45(6):441-6

Yañez C., et al.: Classification method and data collection of the results of paranasal sinus surgery Acta Otorrinolaringol Esp. 1994 Jan-Feb;45(1):1-4. Spanish.

Sulsenti G., Yañez, C.: Endonasal microsurgery of the middle meatus. Rhinology. 1987 Dec;25(4):285-6.

Sulsenti G. Yañez C., Kadiri M.: Recurrent epistaxis: microscopic endonasal clipping of the sphenopalatine artery. Rhinology. 1987 Jun;25(2):141-2

Yañez, C.: A retrospective study of the treatment of maxillary sinus disease. Arq. Portugeses ORL 6(2) 11-5 1987

Yañez, C.: Endoscopic Endonasal Dacriocistorhinostomy An ORL Mex 39(2) 1994

Yañez C.: Endonasal Clipping of the sphenopalatine Artery, endoscopic and microscpic technique. Otorrino 5(2) 1. 1996

Martínez Tejeda R., Zambada C., Yañez, C.: Dexmedetomidine versus midazolam as premedication drug in patients undergoing FESS. AnnMed 49(4):184-190, 2004

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