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En el American British Cowdray Medical Center
Torre de Consultorios, Cons. 310
Av. Carlos Graeff Fernández n°154, Col. Tlaxcala
Santa Fe, Del.Cuajimalpa C.P. 05300, México D.F.
Tels. 16647018 - 19 - 22

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Areas of Expertise

Over the ast 10 years, the medical staff of the Sinus Center have performed more than 15,000 endonasal endoscopic operations . The Center has to its credit a number of firsts in endoscopic sinus surgery ,.

- Rhinology
- Diagnosis and Treatment of Sinus Disease
- Minimal Invasive Techniques
- Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
- CSF Leaks
- Inverted Papilloma
- Orbital Decompresion
- Turbinate Surgery
- Cosmetic Rhinoplasty
- Endonasal Ligature of the Sphenopalatine Artery
- Eustachial Laser and Debrider Tuboplasty
- Powered Adenoidectomy
- Powered Septoplasty

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